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Fighting with Ghosts: Thatcher’s Legacy and post-politics

This is not a discussion of the ‘legacy’ of Thatcher in concrete terms – plenty of ink has been and will be spilled on this point – but rather the way in which the debate is being framed. Arguably, it’s a worrying reflection of the British version of ‘post-politics’. And on it goes. Day three […]

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Because this is the internet and too soon doesn’t exist.

My poorly researched pick of the day (so far) for Thatcher related malarky. In which Thatcher is pronounced ‘fit to work’ by ATOS In which Glaswegians celebrate in an impromtu manner: In which the typo/troll debate will never be answered satisfactorily: And this meme: No doubt, there will be more.


Trying to reground society: The politics of time travel by way of Xavier’s School for Gifted Mutants

I can only apologize that this site has been inactive for so long. Way too much real life. Or way too little, depending on how you look at it. Either way: the plan for the time being is so produce one article a week, ideally coming out on Monday, i.e. today. The topics are going […]

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