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Fighting with Ghosts: Thatcher’s Legacy and post-politics

This is not a discussion of the ‘legacy’ of Thatcher in concrete terms – plenty of ink has been and will be spilled on this point – but rather the way in which the debate is being framed. Arguably, it’s a worrying reflection of the British version of ‘post-politics’. And on it goes. Day three […]

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Because this is the internet and too soon doesn’t exist.

My poorly researched pick of the day (so far) for Thatcher related malarky. In which Thatcher is pronounced ‘fit to work’ by ATOS In which Glaswegians celebrate in an impromtu manner: In which the typo/troll debate will never be answered satisfactorily: And this meme: No doubt, there will be more.


Trying to reground society: The politics of time travel by way of Xavier’s School for Gifted Mutants

I can only apologize that this site has been inactive for so long. Way too much real life. Or way too little, depending on how you look at it. Either way: the plan for the time being is so produce one article a week, ideally coming out on Monday, i.e. today. The topics are going […]

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Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali

18 days ago Ago, Muhammad Ali turned 70. So it seemed apt to comment on this most singular of professional athletes. Of course, unlike this man, I’ve never interviewed Ali, or like this guy, never fought with him either. So, instead, I’m going to relay 6 great Ali facts gleaned from Thomas Hauser’s excellent biography: […]

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Taking UK Hip Hop Seriously

Somewhere along the line, I became a bit of a UK Hip Hop pusher. I don’t know when that happened, but it was probably somewhere between hearing Mic Righteous’ ‘Fire in the Booth’ and getting into Lowkey. Sending long, detailed, link-heavy e-mails to friends who have expressed even the slightest bit of interest – in […]

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Interview with Dub Phizix

From an interview I did with Dub Phizix for the Manchester MULE: Dub Phizix is a Manchester based drum and bass artist, so this is not the most political interview in the world. Interesting stuff about the Manchester scene though. On 19 December Manchester’s own Dub Phizix and Skeptical released Marka. With it’s hypnotic, […]

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Michael Gove: Can You Buy my Mother a Boat as Well?

Like anyone would else who gets their kicks out of farce and absurdity, I have been gleefully following the saga of the royal yacht. Apparently, this has been on the cards since at least September, with a combination of royals and Tory MPs supporting the idea. Lately, it seems that Cameron is also keen, although […]