Taking UK Hip Hop Seriously

Somewhere along the line, I became a bit of a UK Hip Hop pusher. I don’t know when that happened, but it was probably somewhere between hearing Mic Righteous’ ‘Fire in the Booth’ and getting into Lowkey. Sending long, detailed, link-heavy e-mails to friends who have expressed even the slightest bit of interest – in […]

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Interview with Dub Phizix

From an interview I did with Dub Phizix for the Manchester MULE: http://manchestermule.com/article/interview-dub-phizix Dub Phizix is a Manchester based drum and bass artist, so this is not the most political interview in the world. Interesting stuff about the Manchester scene though. On 19 December Manchester’s own Dub Phizix and Skeptical released Marka. With it’s hypnotic, […]

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Michael Gove: Can You Buy my Mother a Boat as Well?

Like anyone would else who gets their kicks out of farce and absurdity, I have been gleefully following the saga of the royal yacht. Apparently, this has been on the cards since at least September, with a combination of royals and Tory MPs supporting the idea. Lately, it seems that Cameron is also keen, although […]


Interrogating Non-Violence

Upcoming publication in the excellent Scottish Left Review. Reading Eurig Scandrett’s ‘Reactions to Violence’ last month raised a lot of questions for me. Mainly, it’s because the completely reasonable account of the non-violence movement that was presented there contrasts sharply with my on-the-ground experience of being scolded by ‘mature’ and ‘realistic’ voices within demonstrations and […]

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3 Issues Up for Grabs in an Independent Scotland

Credit where credit’s due: I’ve been enjoying Adam Ramsay’s strategic, arch-cynical updates on the current Westminster debacle around the independence referendum. I agree with his basic analysis that Salmond may well be trying to draw out Cameron and co. into a fight they are unlikely to win, at least north of the border, while positioning […]

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Thinking Seriously About Alternatives: Introducing Parecon

It’s a common refrain today that the left doesn’t have any new ideas. I think this is why, despite the blood and thunder on however many mass demonstrations, a certain sense of futility remains. A sense that, whatever we do, the best we can hope for is some shadow of the post-war settlement, at which […]

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Why Prosperity Without Growth Didn’t Work For Me

Reading Prosperity Without Growth – Tim Jackson’s highly praised discussion about achieving some variant of capitalism which doesn’t produce unsustainable resource consumption – took far too long. It’s not a complicated book and it’s not a long one, but the incoherency and general sense of futility it produces made the reading process longer that it […]

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